SMA Commercial storage solution

Energy efficiency and cost savings for businesses 

The SMA Commercial Storage Solution enables commercial enterprises to enhance their energy efficiency and become less reliant on conventional energy sources. With this solution, businesses can also reduce their energy costs in the long term and regain control over them.

Comprehensive storage solution with extensive service

The commercial storage solution provides comprehensive support throughout the entire product lifecycle. From calculating consumption profiles and ROI with Sunny Design to assistance during commissioning and certification training for the system and battery – everything comes from one supplier. A 10-year warranty on the entire system completes this unique service package.

Flexible and easily expandable thanks to modular components

The modular design of the components allows for easy customization or expansion. The commercial storage system comes equipped with everything needed for emergency power or backup functions* and operates both with and without PV. The integrated System Manager simplifies the commissioning and integration of other SMA components, such as a solar inverter, EV Charger, or sensors.

Versatile storage applications for sustainable energy supply

The integrated energy management enables a variety of storage applications. Whether it's optimizing self-consumption, reducing peak loads, or a combination of both with Multi-Use: all of this allows business customers to permanently reduce their energy costs and plan for their business. 

* in preparation