Solis Quickstart

Contact service

If service is required, you can first of all contact GPC Europe, or the contact persons at Solis.

✔  Service line: +31.850.48.13.00
✔  E-mail BE:
✔  E-mail NL:

If you have problems with the monitoring portal, you can contact Solis via:

✔  Erik Eken:
✔  Dave van Pelt:

Login password country setting

Via the screen you can adjust your country setting with the password 0010.

Solis App

You can download the app for both Apple and Android under the name "Solis Pro".


Solis Cloud

Apple store (IOS):

Play Store (Android):

Apple Solis Cloud
Playstore Solis Cloud


IP address

Connect inverter to WIFI

  1. Go from the Solis Pro app and scan the serial number (when using android go to access point).
  2. From access point signal to e.g. AP_704119932 (= the serial number of the stick)
  3. Connecting
  4. IP
  5. Login:
    ✔  User = admin
    ✔  Password = admin
    ⇒ Wizard: home wifi network - password etc.
    AP-WIFI is gone!!

From the end-user web interface you can choose an installer! All known installers are listed.
This via Intro → Installer → Connect plant to installer

Problem Solving

✔  You cannot connect to your router:

  • If the signal strength of the selected network is <35%, the connection is unstable.
    ⇒ Solution: Adjust the position of the router or increase the range (WiFi amplifier)
  • Wireless module as STA mode, the range for channel support of the router is 1 to 11.
  • WiFi STA router support 802.11 b/g/n mode.
  • Some enterprises may restrict the Wi-Fi connection, so it is recommended to close the Qos restricting function.
  • Support the normal routing encoding (WEP / WPAPSK WPA2PSK), does not support mixed multiple encoding methods.
  • Open the DHCP function of the router, otherwise it can not connect to router Wi-Fi.
  • If you have tried the above solutions and still cannot connect the router, reset the router or restore the factory default settings; If it still cannot be used, contact Ginlong Customer Service to resolve it.

✔  If you cannot find the AP signal:

  • If you cannot find the list of wireless networks (AP-datalogger SN serial number), make sure to reduce the datalogger distance to max. 10 meters.
  • Your datalogger may already be connected to a router, and then the AP signal is hidden. Open the cover of the datalogger and connect it to the inverter (switched on). Press the button for 5 seconds to reset it.
  • If the above steps still do not solve the problem, please contact Ginlong Customer Service.

✔  If the configuration process has failed:

If the configuration failed, it may be for one of these reasons:

  • Click "Retry" and carefully check the router's password.
  • The router network signal is bad, the distance between the datalogger and the router is too far. Move the router closer to the datalogger.
    does not meet the requirements of the datalogger to the router.

If the following situations occur, configure the network of datalogger devices to record:

  • Replace router
  • WiFi password changed
  • Router SSID modified
  • Work environment has limited wifi connections

RMA Form

Click here to fill in and download the RMA form for defective Solis inverters.